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4486 CCC - Procedure Page Issue
Resolved  5/1/2012 3:07:04 PM  5/2/2012 8:13:00 AM  5/3/2012 12:31:00 PM  01 Days 
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Paint Mix

IssueSummary//Is mixing of toners included in the refinish labor allowance? Please define "mix paint".

SuggestedAction//Inclusion of additional time and explanation to reflect actual standard procedures
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Estimated Release Date: Closed
Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:
After review, the statement, “Mix paint (color and necessary solvents)” found on page G35 of the Guide To Estimating, will be changed to “Mix paint (color with necessary solvents).” Please note this change will occur during the Guide To Estimating update in Fall 2012.

No changes at this time.

Motor Crash Estimating Data refinish allowance is developed based on a premixed color (factory pack). This does include retrieving accurate color information (code), including paint chip. The mixing of additives (ex: thinner / reducer / hardener etc.) to the premixed color is included in Motor Crash Estimating Data refinish allowance; this is referred to as “mix paint” in our Guide To Estimating pages (G53). Test spray-out panel and tinting to achieve color match is not included in Motor Crash Estimating Data refinish allowance (G53).

Mixing Systems enables refinishers to mix the desired color by combining paint toners; this formulation of color is not included in Motor Crash Estimating Data refinish allowance.