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#1 162 Votes Feather Prime and Block
    System needs a pop up to add feather prime and block labor. User would create time but the system needs the option to add without creating a manual entry
#2 136 Votes Need to be able to R&I a part and repair it
    The system does not allow the user to R&I a part and repair it. There are situations where this is necessary. DEG inquiry 3902 is an example. Need to add the function to the system that allows the option to R&I a part and repair it.
#3 129 Votes Add prep raw parts to the database
    There are several parts that come from the manufactures that are in a raw or unprimed state. These parts require additional labor to get them to a paintable state. The system needs the function to “add for prep raw part”. This needs to be added for all plastic parts throughout the system.
#4 116 Votes Add additional refinish set up
    Need the ability to add for additional set for refinish when painting the inside or an interior color. Some vehicle have different interior colors and this requires a set for that color and the exterior color.This is explained in the P-Pages but is not available in the system as an option.
#5 102 Votes Specific parts need to be listed as one time use
    Many insurance companies will not pay for parts that are broken on removal. Many parts are logically one time use, but not specifically described as such (ie. OE black pickup box rail mouldings).
#6 96 Votes Add labor for hood labels to the database
    Currently Mitchell does not have labor for hood labels in the system. This requires the user to generate a manual line and should be an automated function of the system
#7 88 Votes Assign different labor options to a single line
    Need the ability to assign multiple labor operations to a signle line. An example is a full frame replacement. A portion of the labor for replacement is mechanical, another portion is body. The system only allows one labor code per operation and needs to be adjusted so the user can define multiple labor codes.
#8 66 Votes Additional color setup
    Put an additional color setup for custom paints or any situation where another color needs a special setup.

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